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Why is this world

in such bad shape?




Question in message:

How can you say that your god is in control? Look at this world. Why doesn’t your god send somebody or some people to fix this? This world, that you say your god created, is a mess. If your god exists, tell him we need some help.


Why is this world in such bad shape?




The Sanctified Body of Messiah Ministry's Answer:


GOD YHSHWH/JESUS, our CREATOR and SAVIOUR, IS IN CONTROL from the furthest universe to HIS Book of LIFE, Genesis to Revelation to the deepest parts of the earth. HE CREATES to FURTHER HIS KINGDOM, here on earth, and what you call “HIM DOING NOTHING” IS HIS PATIENCE with this world.


So many have chosen against HIM and HIS WAYS. HE WAITS PATIENTLY for those that are going to choose HIS WAYS. HIS WILL IS that all, and I mean all of HIS CREATION, COME to REPENTANCE and not perish. Sadly, many still choose against HIS WILL.


I KNOW my GOD YHSHWH and I KNOW that HE HAS SENT help. It is just that humans have chosen to kill so many of the ONES HE HAS SENT. Humans have chosen to destroy the lives of the ONES HE HAS SENT before they are even born, out of the womb. This world’s genealogy is so messed up because of the gap error left by these missing humans. How dare this world kill HIS CREATED humans.


Why do you think there is so much poverty?
I believe that there are people missing that could have changed this.


Why is there so much confusion?
I believe because so many refuse their CREATOR and try to fix it themselves causing havoc. Maybe one of those aborted babies was suppose to fix this world’s confusion.


Why is there not people to fix it correctly?
As I stated above, because people have made themselves the judges of who should live and who should not live. If people would just stop killing each other and stop killing the unborn, this world would STAND CREATED at it’s FULLEST and it would start PRODUCING and PROGRESSING, as GOD CREATES PERFECTION.


So, don’t blame GOD YHSHWH!
Blame the humans who think they can be like GOD YHSHWH.



babies can live without it…



Ricoel Rosales

Sethiah Israel and Alexandria Rose Rosales

Ministers to the Sanctified Body of Messiah


Children Can Live Without It – DC TALKS



Please comment at 

the Sanctified Ministry Facebook page

The Sanctified Body of Messiah Ministry Facebook Page